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If you can ride mouseback, and we are sure that you can, you will be able to visit eight wonderful locations in Belgium on this web site. You can see a list of the eight with short descriptions and choose which you want to know more about.
Belgium borders Holland on the East and South and in turn has borders with France on its east, Luxembourg on its south and Germany on the west. It has been considered part of the low countries and its history with Holland has left its mark. The majority of its population, those in the northern part of the country, referred to as Flanders, speak a form of Dutch, which Belgians refer to as Flemish. People in the southern regions, called Wallonia, speak French primarily, and residents of Brussels, the capital city both of Belgium and of the European Union, speak both languages. We have provided a link below to a map showing the language regions.  Most of the Belgians we encountered also spoke English.
In the southern parts of Holland, the closeness of the Belgian border means that many residents of both countries cross over into the other frequently. Indeed city streets that are Dutch on one side and Belgian on the other are not unusual.  For many years, fuel for motor vehicles was cheaper in Belgium and many border crossings were made by the Dutch to fuel their cars and trucks and to shop on Sundays, when many shops in Holland are closed. 
Belgium has many attractions for us. It is rich in an often bloody history that includes the Napoleonic and two world wars. Napoleon's Waterloo is just south of Brussels. One of the most terrible battle sites in WW I was Ypres, in Western Flanders. And many people alive today remember the Battle of the Bulge fought in Bastogne near the Luxembourg border in World War II . And Belgium has several fine cities, among which are Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels and Liege.
Also among the attractions of Belgium for us is the incomparable chocolate and  the great strong beer made there.  Some of the latter can have alcohol concentrations as high as 10 or 12 percent. And if you admire lace, this is also the place to get very fine lace. Also, the Flanders area in Belgium and France has had a long history manufacturing textiles, especially fine tapestry. There are many shops selling tapestry fabric and items made of this in Belgian cities.
Antwerp and Ghent have beautiful and historic Cathedrals. Antwerp's Cathedral of Our Lady is perhaps the largest in Europe, with seven naves, three on each side of the largest center nave. Ghent's St. Baaf's houses the famous Van Eyck altar masterpiece, "The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb". Also in Ghent is the church of Saint Carolus Borromeus, which we did not know about until doing research for this web site. The artist Rubens figured prominently in its design. Liege's Cathedral has a most beautiful sculpture of the Madonna and a 12th century baptismal font.
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Like all other countries in Europe, Belgium has been the seen of many historical events.  As for other countries treated on this web site we include a list of particular places we visited where you are very close to history.
Now you may go to the alphabetized list containing short descriptions of the eight places we visited and choose which ones you wish to explore further.
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