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Liege is in the Eastern Wallonian, Franch-speaking region of Belgium, 61 miles southeast of Brussels near the German border, only 32 miles from the German city of Aachen.  It is an industrial city but not without some charm. In the old town center there are several streets whose houses date from the 15th and 16th century and whose names identify the sort of trade that went on in them. For example, there are streets whose names translate in English as Nailmakers Street and Ironmongers Street. The University of Liege is here and it is supposed to have a fine Museum of Archeology, which we tried to visit but could not because it is closed on Saturday, the day we tried. But it does have an interesting Museum of Walloon Life and Folk Art. Liege also has what is called the Archeoforum which, regrettably we did not know about when we were there. Liege Cathedral contains two especially beautiful carved marble statues, one which might be of the Virgin and another called "the Genius of Evil"

If anyone besides Ron is interested, Liege is known for having a huge Sunday open-air market.  We stayed an extra day to go to it.  As our letter indicates, it was worth it.  And there also are flea markets in Liege.

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