2003 letter from Bath and Bristol:

We decided we would go back to Bristol. We had been there before Tintagel but left without seeing anything because the only campground we were able to find was not convenient for getting into the city. This time we were able to "book into" the Caravan Club site on the Bristol waterfront. They could only let us stay one night because they were fully booked the next day.

We left in the morning to visit the SS Great Britain, the first steam passenger liner and the Matthew, a replica of John Cabot’s little ship in which he had sailed to Newfoundland. Pulled into the parking lot and "paid and displayed". (Most parking lots in the UK require you to put money into a central meter and then put the receipt on the front dashboard.) Then we walked into the museum – saw the price of admission and decided we were not interested enough in these two boats to pay that money. So we simply turned around and walked out.

Bath is right next door as it were. So we decided to re-visit Bath. That meant finding a campground for the night. The warden at the Bristol Caravan Park had recommended the Bath Marina Campground. That suggestion meant that Adelle had to try information.

The system in Great Britain for telephone information had recently been changed and Adelle tried to maneuver through several systems, but was unable to get information. Several times, she was probably too slow in getting the amount of money required into the slot. Once she got a 50 pence per minute number.

By then Adelle was steaming by then, and said that she didn't even want to see Bath! A cooler head prevailed and we decided to visit town by parking at the Park and Ride facility we saw on the map.

Getting there by highway was quite an experience. We followed the signs faithfully, and found ourselves spending 30 minutes driving around Bristol before we finally hit the highway. We parked, went into town, stopped at the Tourist Office and found the number for the campground. They had plenty of room, and we arranged to spend the night there. Then we borrowed a scooter from ShopMobility and Ron walked while Adelle rode. We went miles to see various architectural marvels in this most beautiful city--the Assembly Rooms mentioned in Jane Austin’s novels, and the Circus and the famous Royal Crescent featured in many period BBC productions, as well as the wonderful plantings of flowers at the park. We did not go into the Roman Baths because we had been there before with on other visits. Then we found the new campsite – which turned out to be only a short block from where we were parked.

Intrepid Traveler
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