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Brighton and adjacent Hove are seaside resort towns in East Sussex, 53 miles south of London. We visited only for a few hours and did not get to know about or see much of Brighton. We stopped there to see the Royal Pavillion (see below) and left shortly afterwards. Knowing what we have since learned about Brighton, we would have stayed and investigated longer. Fortunately for you, we now have done some research and can steer you better than we steered ourselves when we visited.
Although it is a seaside resort, don't think Blackpool. Brighton is considerably more upscale. In part this was due to the existence of the Royal Pavillion, built in the early 1800's for the then Prince Regent, who later became King George IV. This structure, still there in all its grand Indian style opulence, set the tone for subsequent architecture and society in Brighton. Many elegant buildings followed, for example the Regency Town House and Preston Manor. They too are still there, Thus was born the so-called "Regency style". The Royal Pavillion is a beautiful and exotic structure, built to look like the home of a very wealthy Indian Rajah. Inside the decor is Chinese. The furniture is museum quality. Well worth a visit. But there are many other things in Brighton that are worth visiting also, had we only known.
Start with the seaside, the boardwalk and the piers. White buildings by a sandy beach and a blue sea, on sunny days. Very nice as you can tell, especially if you click on the "panoramic movie" in the seaside link. Also check out the West Pier in the same link and expore it through the panoramic views you can move around in and enlarge. And, if you look closely at some of the pictures you can actually see people in the water. It appears that you can swim there.
Brighton has at least twelve museums, and several parks and gardens to explore as well. All these links and others can be accessed on Brighton's tourist web site.
Brighton has been connected to London by a train line since the middle of the 19th century. This has contributed to the popularity of this resort city because it made day trips possible. That is still true today. Letter
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