Cambridge, in Cambridgeshire is 62 miles north of London. It is primarily a college town, the home of Cambridge University (web site)
and its many individual colleges. Cambridge and the surrounding area have many places worth visiting--many of them that are included on this web site. Within short distances of Cambridge are Duxford Air Base, one of the largest air museums in the world, and the towns of Ely, hometown of Oliver Cromwell, and Peterborough, both of which have magnificent cathedrals. A web site titled Shapewalks lists many walks through historic Cambridge and, with buildings you can explore, one of which is Audley End rebuilt from an Abbey starting in 1603, and another, in Ely, which belonged to Oliver Cromwell . There are also several gardens, parks and zoos and other attractions listed here.
This is a very distinguished university with 81Nobel Prize winners since 1904 when the first was won by Lord Rayleigh for his discovery of the gas Argon. This number of Nobels is greater than any other institution in the world. Among the other prize winners are Ernest Rutherford for discovering the nucleus of the atom in 1911, thereby founding the study of nuclear physics; John Cockcroft and Ernest Walton for splitting the atom in the first particle accelorator; Ernst Chain for discovery of penicillin in 1945; Bertrand Russell for his "A History of Western Philosophy" in 1946 and Francis Crick, James Watson, and Maurice Wilkins for discovering the structure of DNA in 1962. This is only a partial list of the discoveries at Cambridge University, many of them in its Cavendish Laboratory.
Among the sights that are not to be missed on University grounds is King's College Chapel and especially its celebrated and exquisitely beautiful fan ceiling (shown with the Chapel organ in this link). And the Holy Sepulchre, also known as the round church which was built shortly after the conquest of England by William the Conquerer.
Just outside Cambridge is the American Cemetary and Memorial to the fallen American military of WWII, the only permanent American cemetery in England.
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And there are two letters from Cambridge, one written while we were there and one written as we were driving north to our next stop.
Letter 1 Letter 2
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