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Exeter in Devon in the southwest of England is 173 miles southwest of London, 120 miles southwest of Winchester, and 74 miles southwest of Bristol. This city was heavily damaged by German bombs in WWII and its reconstruction did not pay as much attention as it could have to its prewar beauty. As the Wikipedia description says, it is now a city with beautiful buildings rather than a beautiful city.
As far as we are concerned, its main attraction is Exeter Cathedral. It dates from around 1050 AD, before the Norman invasion, and is a medieval structure. It has not had a pleasant history. It was rebuilt in Norman style in the 1200's, but damaged in Henry VIII's reign when he dissolved monasteries, and again during the English civil war when the cloisters were destroyed, and partially rebuilt in Gothic style, only to be severely damaged during the German bombing in WWII, when most of its stained glass was destroyed. Nevertheless, it is still a very handsome building, not light and soaring, but still impressive. Among very nice features are a beautiful vaulted ceiling--the longest uninterrupted ceiling in England, and a very old astronomical clock that dates from the 1400's. You can see both by scrolling down the cathedral web site.
The main shopping street has some very nice half-timbered houses, and for us, the prettiest Tesco supermarket anywhere.
There are more and better photos on the internet here and you can see a short slide show here.
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