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Henley-on-Thames (Web site), in Oxfordshire is 37 miles west and up river from London, and 25 miles southeast of Oxford. We include it here simply because it is a pretty town on the river Thames. However, if you are a fan of the various forms of rowing sculls or boats for serious or recreational reasons, its major attraction is the Henley Royal Regatta (described in the Wikipedia link above), held here in July on a straight part of the river. The Regatta became Royal in 1851 when Prince Albert became its patron. Rowing is very important here. The town is home to four rowing clubs, and there is a museum devoted to explaining it. We did not visit it, however.
What we did was shop in the supermarket  and walk down the hill to the river.  On the way we looked into St Mary's church, and Ron stopped to gawk at a shiny black older Jaguar sports car with an unusual raised section behind the driver.   We walked downstream  the very pretty river and up the hill again on a different street to the supermarket's parking lot, and drove on.
We did not write a letter about the stop, but do have some photos to show you.
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