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Ledbury is another of the "black and white" towns (so-called because of their half-timbered houses on which exposed timbers are painted black against whitewashed walls) in rural Herefordshire. It is 139 miles northwest of London and 19 miles northwest of Gloucester, and close to the Wales Marches area and to the Cotswolds. The town center is small. Some of the side lanes off the main road are very pretty. One of these is Church Lane that leads from the main street to the parish church.
We found two small museums that deal with the history of the town on Church Lane. One of these, in an old grammer school, is theLedbury Heritage Center in which we learned that one Victorian novelist, Edna Lyall, and two famous poets lived in this town, Elizabeth Barrett-Browning and John Masefield. The other museum is the Butcher Row House Folk Museum which contains many artifacts related to the town's history. It has an iron bath tub shaped like a shoe, and armor used in the English civil war--a battle that was fought right on the main street between the Parliamentary forces under Oliver Cromwell and the Royalists. The Royalists won. It also has several examples of dress worn at different times in the town's history.
But the main attractions in the town are the black and whites, as you can see in our photos and slideshow. One of the most photographed of these is the Market House, which, unfortunately for us, was covered up because it was undergoing repairs. But you can see photos of it and some others here. Letter
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