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Ludlow, in Shropshire is 157 miles northwest of London, 47 miles north of Gloucester and 19 miles west of Pembridge. It is situated on the top of a hill close to the Welsh border in the Welsh Marches, the border area in the west of England.
The town is another in that area that has many half-timbered houses, called "black and whites".  It is picturesque enough to have been used in television programs, for example, TV adaptations of "Tom Jones" and "Moll Flanders", and in some movies.
It also has Ludlow Castle which has had a long history since William the Conquerer's time when it served as a fortification against the Welsh. It has been lived in by many Royals and their relations. Today it is partly a ruin that no one lives in.
We drove into town and were able to park in a parking lot very near the town center.  As soon as we got to one of the main streets we were greeted by the sight of many handsome black and whites, each one having a unique look.  The camera got very busy.  It was difficult to take a bad picture.
One of the famous and handsome buildings in Ludlow is the aggressively half-timbered Three Feathers Hotel, part of which dates from 1610. It has a very unusual look, with three gables. As our letter from Ludlow states, Ron really wanted to see the inside, and, since it was still a public place, we went in and asked at the desk if we could look around. "Sure thing. Go upstairs if you like and take a look into the James I room and the Charles II writing room." Those were the two oldest rooms in the hotel We did go upstairs, and have the photos to show you. Notice the sagging ceiling beam just behind the crest in the James I room. Aftereward we walked across the street and stood admiring the building. A woman walked up to us and told us proudly that the Prince of Wales stays in that hotel when he is in town. I guess he is in a select group of people who can easily afford it. Rates start at 170 Pounds (about $350) per night.
We walked around the time taking pictures until we were tired.  Then we walked back toward the parking lot, and stopped at a cafe for coffee.  The end of a perfect afternoon.  Refreshed we got back into the motorhome and made our way to a campground for the evening.
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