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Weobley is a village in Herefordshire is 172 miles nortwest of London and 11 miles from Hereford. Like Pembridge which is nearby, it is a very small village and not much about it is available on the internet. The Weobley link above is to a short piece about its history. The Domesday book reports that in 1086 it was held by a Roger de Lacy who served William the Conquerer. After the conquest, lands were taken from native aristocrats and given over to Normans. Weobley had been held by Edwin the Prince. So it has long been a place coveted by discerning land owners. It is not difficult to understand why.
The village is located very near where the battle of Naseby was fought in the first English Civil War. On June 14, 1645,  Parliament forces under the command of Oliver Cromwell destroyed King Charles I army, thereby ending all hopes of his holding onto the throne.  King Charles spent the night after the battle in this village.  (We did not know any of this when we were there.   Had we known we are sure that it would have added a tingle of two to the experience.  See how lucky you are that you now know before you go.)
It has many old buildings, including a 13th century church with a 14th century spire. We visited for just a couple of hours and decided to include it because it is so pretty. There is a spectacular looking Weobley castle nearby but we did not see it.
There is more about Weobly available on the internet. There are some nice photos on the "Been there, Done that" web site. Here are our photos. And there is a mention in a letter.
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