Places that have Cathedrals and Churches we Visited

Bladon, St Martin's Church
Boston, St Botolph's (a.k.a. the Stump) 
Cambridge,  King's Chapel
Canterbury, Canterbury Cathedral
Crocombe, Church of the Holy Ghost
Durham, Durham Cathedral
                    Hexham Abbey
Ely,  Ely Cathedral
Gloucester, Gloucester Cathedral
Hampton Court Palace, The Chapel Royal
Hereford, Hereford Cathedral
Lincoln, Lincoln Cathedral
London, St. James Church, Picadilly
                   St. Martins in the Field
                   St. Mary-le-Bow
                   St. Paul Cathedral
                   Southwark Cathedral
                   Westminster Abbey
Peterborough, Peterborough Cathedral
Rochester, Rochester Cathedral
Salisbury, Salisbury Cathedral
Wells, Wells Cathedral
Winchester, Winchester Cathedral
York, York Minster
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