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Giverny is a little town near the town of of Vernon on the Seine 50 miles northeast of Paris and 40 miles southeast of Rouen. The main reason to go there is that Giverny is the location of the estate of the French impressionist artist, Claude Monet. It consists of a house, gardens, lilly pond and souvenir shop. We have visited twice, once in 2002 when we only had a videocamera and on our 2006 trip. The first time was early spring when the gardens were not yet at their peak and the second time, the gardens were a little past their peak. So we have not seen Giverney yet in its perfect state. Yet, we had no regrets about either visit.
Monet was as proud of his garden as he was about his paintings. Indeed, he rendered the garden and the lilly pond in some of his paintings.
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