Photos of Carcassonne
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francebymouse045016.jpg francebymouse045015.jpg francebymouse045014.jpg francebymouse045013.jpg francebymouse045012.jpg francebymouse045011.jpg francebymouse045010.jpg francebymouse045009.jpg
Vinyard outside wall
Town outside wall
Town seen
 from wall
Crocheted bonnets
Back to Carcassonne
Children dancing
Pottery shop 1
Pottery shop 2
Pottery shop 3
francebymouse045008.jpg francebymouse045007.jpg francebymouse045006.jpg francebymouse045005.jpg francebymouse045004.jpg francebymouse045003.jpg francebymouse045002.jpg francebymouse045001.jpg francebymouse001001.jpg
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