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Dijon is in the Burgundy area of France which is famous for the production of fine wines. The city is, of course, also where Dijon mustard comes from. It is about an hour and forty minutes drive southeast of Paris. You can see a Maille mustard shop in one of the pictures of Dijon included here.
Like many other cities in France, Dijon has its share of old buildings and narrow streets, because Dijon and the Burgundy area have a long history. The tourist office is located in a courtyard in a medieval building that looks like Robin Hood might stick his head out of a window any minute now. In addition there are several interesting modern buildings which we videotaped and include frames to show you here. The smaller buildings here have very distinctive roofs made up of colorful tiles arranged in a kind of diagonal pattern which you can see in our photo.
When we drove into town we noticed a large sign advertising a wine company that Ron remembers from his college days.  At that time Pere Patriach was a very affordable, delicious white wine. (Don't know if it still is!)  This is one of the large producers here.
In doing research on the internet we found a web site called Lisa's Favorite things. Apparently, Lisa is an American, who has lived in Dijon for several years, and therefore knows a great deal more about Dijon than we do. We recommend that web site highly. In contains a great deal of useful information,including her favorite shops for different products, restaurants she likes and the weather. It also includes photos. One of the things she likes is Les Halles, a covered market where producers and purveyers of different kinds foodstuffs have individual stalls. We can recommend that personally because we spent a good hour and a half walking and gawking, and even buying in that market. We even include a video frame of the sidewalk venders just outside.
Apart from the things Lisa likes in Dijon it might be useful to examine another list of attractions and of museums.
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