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Dinan is in northeast Brittany, in the department of Ille-et-Vilaine, about 250 miles northeast of Paris, 18 miles south of St. Malo and 41 miles north of Rennes. We visited on our 2006 trip, making it a stop on our way from Rennes to St. Malo.
The attraction of this hilltop town is the town itself, an almost perfectly preserved medieval gem. There are the narrow streets, half-timbered buildings, an old clock tower, ramparts of the medieval fortifications with views of Port Dinan on the river below, a Chateau and beautiful old churches. We had the good luck to drive into town and find a parking space right in the parking lot in the central square. We discovered much later that in 1357 that parking lot was the exact spot of a mano a mano battle between Bertrand de Guesclin and an English Knight named Thomas Canterbury to free Guesclin's brother Oliver who had been captured by the English. Guesclin won, went on to serve the King of France for the next 23 years, became Constable of France and a local hero. A large bronze statue of him stands in that parking lot. It was just in back of us and we are sure that he watched over the RV while we walked around the town.
The photos (Slideshow) Ron took and the letter show tell why we liked this town so much. If you want more, go to the Tourist office web site and click on "Dinan and its region" where you will find a history and two virtual tours. The web site also lists "megalithes" on the history page but does not indicate where they are. We assume that they are somewhere nearby.
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