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As seaports go, Honfleur is among the prettiest. It is on the French north coast near the Seine estuary, 121 miles northeast of Paris, 169 miles south of Calais, 15 miles south of LeHavre, 71 miles east of Omaha Beach.
We have visited twice, but the first time was many years ago.  On that occasion I took a photo of the harbor that has been displayed in our dining room ever since we got home and it always has been a joy and a pleasure to look at. The latest visit was on our 2006 trip.  We arrived on the day of the parade for the Sailors Festival, probably on June 5.  That was quite a treat.  In the parade were marching bands, of course, but the greatest part was small children in sailor garb carrying ship models and very small children being carried along in small floats resembling boats, with their parents hurrying to keep up along the sides of the parade.
We walked around the town, leaving the parade, which managed to catch up with us in a different place.  Ron took pictures, trying to get one from the same spot as in our first visit, and we caught up on our e-mail in an internet cafe.
The town looks like it was not damaged in WWII even though it is pretty close to the invasion beaches.
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