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Nancy is just south of Metz (also on this website) in the French region of Lorraine, and, like Metz, it has ancient roots. However, it differed from Metz in that it was an independent Duchy for much of its history and did not experience a back and forth movement to German and then French control. It remained mostly under French influence, if not control. When Lorraine passed to the control of the French King in the early 18th century, he placed it under the control of his father-in-law, the Polish Duke Stanislas Leszczynski. After his death in 1766 Lorraine and Nancy reverted to French control. Later in the 18th century, Nancy sent a goodly contingent of soldiers to aid the American Revolutionary forces against the British.
Its cultural development included the founding, in the early 20th century, of the School of Nancy, a movement that became known as Art Nouveau. the influence of this School can be seen today in many of the buildings in Nancy, including the McDonalds. (See photos)
There are three squares in the city that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Place Stanislav, Place Alliance, and Place de la Carriere. Place Stanislav is a very large paved open area surrounded by 18th century buildings of classical French architectural style, beautiful and ornate fences, gates and fountains, which can be seen in our photos. (The Nancy tourist web site has a panoramic view of Stanslav Square (when it comes up, place your mouse on it and move it left or right to pan all around it from a vantage point at about its center.) Place de la Carriere was once used for jousting, and now contains government buildings also in the 18th century French classic style. Place Alliance is the smallest and most intimate, with a copy of a Bernini fountain in its center.
Nancy has several other attractions. There is the Cathedral of Nancy, dating from the 18th century. Due to the surrounding buildings it is difficult to get a good photo of its exterior, but we include several photos of the interior. There are museums but we visited only the Museum of Fine Arts which has works from the 14th to the 21st century, including many fine French impressionists. Photos are allowed in this museum, so we include a page of photos of some of the paintings in their collection. Other museums that could be very interesting are the Lorraine Museum and the School of Nancy Museum which specializes in art nouveau. There is a very nice covered market with many stalls selling all kinds of foods. And there is a botanical garden, and an aquarium, both of which we did not have a chance to see.
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