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Pont du Gard is another place we visited that is not a town. It is what is left of a Roman aquaduct located in the department of Gard near the city of Nimes in Provence in the south of France. And what is left of this structure is very imposing indeed. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was built in the middle of the first century to carry water to the city of Nimes. This city was where the fabric called denim was originally made. The cloth was known to come from Nimes, de Nimes, in French, anglised to denim.
We visited in 2002. We were in a campground in Avignon and our neighbor from Britain who had visited the Pont du Gard told us about it and praised it so lavishly that we decided to stop and see it on our way north. We were not disappointed. The part of the structure that is left spans the Gard River. You first see it from a distance and it keeps looming larger and larger as you approach. When you are very near it is huge. The blocks of brown stone it is made of are extremely large as are the arches. And it is a pleasure to look at. One cannot help feeling great respect for the professional skill and sense of design that its Roman builders possessed.
This is what we wrote about our visit: "First, the aqueduct. This is an amazingly large and beautiful segment of a part of the aquaduct built in the first century to carry water to the Roman city which is now called Nimes. (This city, by the way, is the namesake for the cloth that bluejeans are made from. The Levi-Strauss company imported the cloth for other purposes, and used it to make work clothes. De Nimes means " from (de) Nimes", where the cloth was woven. It was shortened to denim in America.) Anyway, the aquaduct is stunning. It is hard to believe how long ago it was built, how amazingly well engineered, and how huge it was."
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