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St. Paul de Vence (Official Tourist web site) in Provence is probably the prettiest village we have visited and we have visited many pretty ones as we hope you know. It was a medieval fortified village overlooking a valley on one side and the Mediteranean Sea in the distance on the other --stone buildings, narrow streets--very narrow streets. Cars are not allowed inside.
Today it is full of shops selling arts and crafts and other pretty things. And also very full of tourists who come just to walk and shop. It is very small. You can walk from one end to the other in 10 minutes if you walk slowly, which we do. No matter where you walk or stop you will be treated with a pretty sight. Ron says you cannot take a bad photo here. See for yourselves.
The artist Marc Chagall is buried in the cemetery which one looks down upon when you come to the end of the main street. We did not know that when we visited. If we had, Ron would have visited his grave. Ron is funny that way. You can view Mark Chagall's work on line.
We wrote a very short letter about our visit, which follows in it entirety.
2005 Letter from St Paul de Vence: The name of the campground was the St. Paul Campground (although it was not really in St. Paul). The owner spoke terrific English, and he talked us out of visiting Marseilles and into visiting the town for which his facility is named. St. Paul of Provence is very famous according to him, although we had never heard of it. It deserves to be famous.
It is a medieval town perched high on a hill. They allow no cars. Everywhere you look is just beautiful. Although the buildings in town were all shops, the stores had beautiful and interesting things for sale, almost all of it for the "economically advantaged". We both loved it and were really glad that the man at the reception desk had told us to go.
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