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Aachen, Germany, also known as Aix-la-Chapelle, ( tourist site) is Germany's westernmost city just across the Netherlands border, 143 miles southeast of Amsterdam, and 89 miles east of Brussels, Belgium. It was heavily damaged during WW II but is now rebuilt with large pedestrian areas.
 We visited this city in 2005 and again in 2008, and enjoyed found much to marvel at on both trips.
The Holy Roman Emperer, Charlemagne came to Aachen after his coronation in 768 AD, liked it, and decided to live here. He built the Palatine Chapel which is now the cathedral, in Aachen, which was undamaged during the war. Actually, the original part of the Cathedral, beautiful hexoganal room, is contained within the present structure which expanded over the years. Charlemagne's remains are interred there. (You can see some photos of these on our photo page and on the Wikipedia article in the cathedral link.) The cathedral is aUNESCO World Heritage Site. Right next to the cathedral is city hall, a huge gothic structure built in the 14th century and not really used as a city hall any more. But it does contain some beautiful ceremonial rooms and what is referred to as Coronation Hall, named so in honor of Charlemagne.
Aachen's central shopping area has at least two memorable whimsical public fountains. There is also a very fine large bronze statue of a beautiful horse, there because the city hosts an annual dressage competition and is known as the city of the horse. The window displays of some of the bakeries are outstanding as are their products. You can see photos of these on this page and on our photo page.
Also in this central area is a Greek Orthodox church which we decided to enter to have a look. It is unassuming on the outside, but inside it is spectacular. The walls are covered with large brightly painted bible scenes. You can see a photo of the altar area on our photos page.
Finally, Aachen, like other European cities, is multicultural as a result of immigration, with middle eastern people seemingly being the most numerous.  As a result, there are many Kabob restaurants and groceries specializing in middle eastern delicacies.
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