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Nordlingen, Germany (Official Web Site) is, 56 miles southeast of Rothenburg. Munich, our final destination in Germany is another 89 miles southeast. Like Rothenburg, Nordlingen is also very old, has a wall and is very very picturesque. The Wikipedia article in the link provided for the town states that it is the "town shown in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in the final scenes when the glass elevator is floating over a town". As you can see In these screen shots most of the buildings in the town have red tiled roofs.
We are not sure whether Nordlingen was damaged during WW II. There is no mention of this in the Wikipedia article and you certainly do not see any signs of it in the town itself. It occupies part of an ancient and large meteorite crater--the Ries Crater. There are many tiny diamonds that were formed in the impact in the stone of many buildings. The Ries Crater Museum in the town is devoted to describing such craters.
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