2005 letter from Rothenburg, Germany: Our guidebook listed several campgrounds in the walled town of Rothenberg. One was a city campground that was only a parking lot, but with a "WC" in the Park & Ride building. The description said "only for motor caravans", which is what they call motorhomes in Europe. We got the last free spot about 3 pm. We decided to go there because the book said it was a five-minute walk into the city. And it was!
That parking lot is worth a few words of description. We have never seen anything like it. Ron actually counted the motorhomes that were parked there. Would you believe there were 78 motorhomes (see photo). And three caravans (trailers) that were not supposed to use the place. They were not just parked. They were full of people who stayed the night as we did. Many were German but the next largest group were Italians. The Romantic Road is not far from Italy. The fee for parking here is 6 Euros and one buys the ticket from a machine. But two people in an RV near us told us that the machine was "kaput"—out of order. Everyone stayed free that night. The parking area was divided into two sections and one of the sections (not ours) had electric outlets which you could plug into. Electricity flowed after you dropped coins in a slot. Another coin-operated device supplied fresh water and included an in-ground dump for motorcaravan waste. However, this, too, was inoperative. The town lost a lot of money that night. But most of the people in those RV’s went through the town, bought stuff, and ate in the restaurants. So the merchants did OK.
The best thing about the place, though, was that it really was only a five-minute walk to town. And what a town! We loved it. More than any other place we have seen this trip, it is really a medieval town (as the picture shows) with an intact protective wall. It was a joy to walk around, even though there was intermittently heavy rain. Most of the shops were closed, of course. The restaurants were open and very inexpensive, but we had our eggs to eat so we passed. (Note: The eggs were given to us by our waiter in a restaurant in Wurzburg. It was Sunday so all stores in which eggs were sold were closed. We had nothing in the motorhome for dinner, which is why we asked our waiter if we could buy some from the restaurant, explaining to him why we needed them. He obliged by just giving us four eggs without charge. There are wonderful people everywhere. (See our letter from Wurzburg.) We looked in the windows of the shops, saw most of the town – including the ramparts, the church, etc. – and finally made our way "home" just in time for the rain to come teeming down. But we were nice and dry and we even had four eggs to eat for dinner.
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