Visit Italy By Mouse: Introduction
If you can ride mouseback, and we are sure that you can, you will be able to visit fourteen places in Italy on this web site.
We have traveled within Italy (Web site which has a list of tourist offices throughout Italy) twice, once by car, and once in our motorhome. The car trip took us to Italy through the Swiss Alps, with stops in Reggio Emilia, Siena, Florence, and Rome, and Pisa. And there was a side trip through the Chianti wine region. The RV trip was longer. We drove from Munich in southern Germany to Innsbruck, Austria, and then across the Brenner Pass to Vipeteno in the Italian Alps. From there we visited Verona, Venice, Bologna, FlorenceSiena, Rome and Pompeii. Our stay in Pompeii allowed side trips to the Amalfi Coast, Herculaneum,and Naples. Our route back to France was along the west coast with stops at Sarzana and Ventimiglia on the Italian Riviera
Some of our stops in Italy were to explore only one or two smaller areas of interest within larger towns. For example, we visited Naples on a day trip by train from Pompeii to visit the National Archeology Museum. Similarly, we visited the Amalfi Coast by bus from Sorrento, and only spent a couple of hours in Amalfi, and less time in Positano. Our visit to Sarzana consisted only in an overnight stop at an Agritourism camp site and farm. All these short stops were memorable to us. Our purpose here is to try to convey why we enjoyed them, and to arm you with more information about these places than we had when we were there.
We enjoyed being in Italy for a number of reasons.  These can generally be referred to as Italian history, culture, food and personality and have written separately describing our view of these.  In addition we have some thoughts about Italy that we wrote in a letter home while we were there.
We have not included a separate section on the places in Italy where important historical events have occurred, as we have done for the other countries we visited.  Partly that is because we did not visit as many places here as we did in Great Britain, France or Germany, and partly because important historical events have occurred in all the major cities we visited, especially in Rome, Florence, Siena, Bologna Verona and Venice.  Add to these the two dead towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum.  In large part, a journey through Italy is a journey through its history and the culture that shaped the western world from the Romans through the Renaissance and to the present day.
Finally we offer some links just below to information that can be useful to the traveler in Italy.  It includes a link to a long brochure and a site map of the information available from the Italy Tourist Board.  There is also a link to information about travelling within and between cities. 
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