Excerpt from 2006 letter about visit to Amalfi and Positano: We had already decided on Day Two. We would take the train to Sorrento, and then a bus that takes you to Positano and Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast. We know that the roads are narrow, clinging to the edge of hills and very convolutedólots of hairpin turns, so tight that a car and a bus cannot negotiate them at the same time. That would not be a fun day in an RV! Were we glad that we opted for the bus! That road was as bad as the Connecticut couple we met at the Pompeii Ruins said it was. (They had noticed Ronís UCONN hat and asked where we live!) All we can say is that the towns on the Amalfi Coast are built into the mountains and look just like we expected, except that they were more beautiful in person than they have been in movies and travelogues. (Picture 2 shows a beautiful mountain town on the Amalfi Coast.) Things with a lemon theme were everywhere. Huge lemons as large as grapefruits hung on the outside of shops. You could (and we did) buy lemoncello liqueur. We had a great day. We never did really visit the town of Sorrento. It just didnít seem all that interesting to us.

Another incidence of Italian nonchalance. The bus made several unscheduled stops to take local people up the line. There were only two scheduled stops, both in Positano. There were no signs in the bus, and the bus driver didnít call the two scheduled stops. So if you didnít ask around, there was no way to know what stop you were at. More than one person on those buses did not get out at the stop they wanted because they had no way of telling when the bus arrived at their stop.

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