Excerpt from 2005 letter about a short visit to Bologna:

Our next stop was Bologna. We were pretty walked out by the time we got there. We decided we would just take it easy. So we did the sensible thing. We had lunch in a trattoria that featured Tagliatelli al Ragu(Spaghetti Bolognese to you), and then caught the bus back to the campground. Incidentally, that campground was the best one weve ever seen. Beautiful, new, wonderful facilities, and well thought out. We were able to send out letter no 5 from their Wi-Fi internet system using our own laptop. A pleasure.

The next morning we took off again. We got instructions from the man in the office about getting to the the ring road around the city since that was how we would get the autostrada. Only problem was that when we got there, a construction crew had just barricaded that entrance. Ron asked them where we could get the highway and we were treated to a great Italian oration. The man was very expressive and totally incomprehensible to us. It was an impasse. Finally he motioned to a man in a panel truck and explained the problem. That man opened his passenger-side door, said "follow me", and off we went. We drove for a while and then he stopped at an intersection (green light and all) and explained with the help of his arms that we needed to make a U-turn and then wed be able to get onto the highway. We thanked him and drove on only to find that we got onto that ring road going in the wrong direction. So we got off and after a short scenic drive, found the correct direction. Were getting really good at getting lost. That is, at not getting nervous about being lost.

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