Visit National Archeology Museum in Naples, by Mouse
All we saw of Naples was the street from the train station to the National Archeology Museum. We could not spend more time in the area which is a shame because Naples deserves more time than we had. It is the second largest city in Italy and there are many interesting things to experience there--other museums, churches and castles, to begin with. The Wikipedia article about Naples lists some of the attractions. And the Wikitravel article about Naples warns you to be very careful in Naples because of the possibility of thievery. Our comment on this is simply to be very careful in any crowded city. We have not been the target of any pickpocket attempts in Italy. But attempts have been made in Caracas, Venezuela, and in Amsterdam (Adelle's purse), the Netherlands, Paris, France and Liepzig, Germany. Fortunately, only the one in Caracas was successful in relieving Ron of his wallet.
If you do not have a lot of time, you cannot do better than spend the time you have, as we did, in the Archeology Museum.  It has a very large collection of beautiful art and artifacts from Pompeii and Herculaneum as well as a wide range of art from the Mediterranean area.  We found the collection of sculpture to be unusual, and especially interesting.  You can see photos of many of these on the three photo pages.  A visit there will no doubt have some surprises in store. You will encounter galleries that are suddenly closed off, but you also will find special exhibits.  When we visited, the museum had a special exhibit on ancient science, with manuscripts and scientific devices on display.
The museum also has a special collection, referred to as the secret cabinet, of erotic art found in Pompeii. We did not see it. You have to ask at the information desk for access and we did not take the trouble. But you can see some photos of examples in another Wikipedia article.
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