2005 Letter about a day at the National Archeology Museum, Naples: Day Four was to be Naples and the Museum. It turned out to be mostly the Museum because it was so interesting to see all the things that they found in the Vesuviana Scavi (ruins). These included not only originals of some of the paintings and mosaics but also household things like pots and pans, stoves, storage containers, and jewelry. We managed to read some parts of the Italian signs on the exhibits. And there were several special exhibits that had Italian and English signs. Our cups runneth over.
A wonderful lunch pizza of course and grilled vegetables and we went back to the museum. When we were done, we decided to walk from the museum to Garibaldi Plaza a very long way down the hill. That was the real Naples. Full of people all talking loudly with incredible traffic, lots of children, cars parked everywhere, dirty and busy. Just as advertised. We found an internet place and sent out letter 08.
Weve been in a lot of Italian supermarkets, and the Supermarket Maven wants everyone to know that hes not anywhere near as impressed with the Italian ones as with the French ones. Here they tend to be small except for the French-owned mall markets. On the other hand, there are great markets with individual stalls selling their own specialties.
Intrepid Traveler
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