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Rome, (locator) the capitol of Italy, is in the Latium region, located on the west coast, a little more than half-way between Italy's northern border with Switzerland and its toe in the south. We have visited Rome twice for a total of about a week. That is nowhere near enough time to spend in such an old, historic and beautiful city. We cannot wait to get back.
On our last trip we stayed in a campground within the city limits--Campground Village Roma-- that had the added advantage that you could drive to it without entering city traffic. We approached from the north and took the ring road to exit one, drove about two miles toward the city center, and there it was. Right across from a very nice supermarket. This campground had everything: a restaurant, a pool, a children's play area, modern and clean sanitary blocks, and an easy way to get anywhere within the city by a bus which stopped just outside the gate. You had a choice of the special bus that took you to the Vatican, or a city bus that took you to a terminal from which you could get a bus to anywhere else. Furthermore, like the Florence campground, if you did not have a caravan, motorhome or tent, you could rent accomodations that ranged from single occupancy to chalets that would be comfortable for perhaps two families. And the tariff is very low for Rome. As of September, 2007, private rooms ranged from 42 Euros per night for a 2 bed unit, to 115 Euros per night for a 5 bed unit. Shared rooms are 18 Euros per night per bed. We have no commercial arrangement with this campground but we do not hesitate to recommend it.
Rome is really two cities because Vatican City, a completely separate state in itself, albeit the smallest in the world (108 acres), is contained within Rome's borders.
Rome's historic center, with the addition of St. Peter's Cathedral, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. We have two pages of photos.
Like Venice, Rome itself is a museum in which are preserved the vestiges of the earlier cultures that lived there. There are archeological sites seemingly everywhere. One of the most fascinating is the Roman Forum in an area in a valley between the Capitoline Hill and the Palatine Hill that once was the center of Roman governmen and social life. This was the location of ancient Rome's market, its courts of law, and the raised platforms from which politicians addressed the crowds.
In addition, Rome has a large number of museums worth visiting within it.  The links provided for Rome and Latium have lists of these museums.  We have not yet visited many of these.  But we offer here a selection of the museums that we would make a point of visiting on our next trip.
We also suggest that a visit to the famed and ancient Colosseum and St. Peters Cathedral would be to anyone's cultural profit. If you are so inclined, you also might appear in St Peter's Square on a Sunday morning to attend an appearance by the Roman Catholic Pope. We did this and stood among throngs of people in the hot sun for well over an hour past the Pope's scheduled time. Unfortunately, by the time he arrived, we had to leave, so we cannot report about the proceedings.
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