Places in Rome Worth Visiting
Whether you like museums or not, be advised that there are many other places in Rome worth visiting. Wikitravel's guide to Rome contains a great deal of information about Rome's attractions as well as practical information about how to get around the city. Here we have selected the places we have enjoyed visiting and would visit again.
St. Peter's Basilica and square in the Vatican: It is historic, huge, and ornately beautiful, as our photos indicate. Michaelangelo designed its dome. His most famous marble Pieta is on view in a chapel. In addition, St.Peters has many architectural features and sculptures designed by the sculptor, Bernini. His amazing baldechin over the high altar is a 90 foot high, very ornate bronze four post structure that stands under the dome. The Apostle, St. Peter himself is entombed in the basilica. Upon entering the church, many people either kiss or rub the toes of a foot on a bronze statue of him that stands in the nave . Whatever the effect of the touching for the people who do it, one effect of the rubbing is that St. Peter's foot has lost most of its toes. The coronation of Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor was held there in 800 AD. The spot is marked with a round marble inlay. In general, there are not many Cathedrals that have such an opulent interior as St. Peters Basilica. In addition to our photos you can see many more on the Sacred Travels website. Get to the Cathedral early. We arrived at 10 am and there was no wait to enter.  By 11 am when we left, the line was very long. (Photos in top row, from middle of line forward to the front and then to the back of the line.)
The Roman Imperial Forum (Web site): The archeological site of ancient Rome's city center where Romans went to market, to conduct city business, to worship and to hear speeches by their elected officials and politicians. The area is filled with the ruins of the public and sacred buildings and monuments that existed during the Roman Imperial period.
The Roman Colosseum: This ampitheater, which seated between 50,000 and 70,000 Romans, is where gladiators did their stuff--fought each other or wild animals to the death. Of special interest are the areas beneath the arena floor, and the system used to hoist canvas shades above the extremely large diameter of the arena to provide shade to gladiators and spectators.
The Pantheon is ancient Rome's best preserved building, built in 125 AD. It is a large, circular building with a portico held up by Corinthian columns in its front. An amazing part of the building is that the domed roof consists of coffered concrete. We had no idea that the Romans had mastered the technique of building with concrete to the degree that enables the construction of such a huge dome that has lasted so long.
The Spanish Steps: "......the longest and widest in all of Europe" , and beautiful. They were built to connect two piazzas (squares) on two levels, so that people in the Spanish Embassy on the the lower level could attend a French church on the upper, thus linking the Spanish to the Holy See. The Keats Shelley House is adjacent.
The Fountains of Rome: No visit to Rome would be complete without visiting at least one fountain. There are 280 of them. You can view photos of many of them. Leading the list of the major ones is the Trevi. It is drop-dead ostentatious and not to be missed.  It says here that if you toss a coin in, your return to Rome is guaranteed..
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