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The flower auction described on the Aalsmere website as: "Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer/ Flowers auction Aalsmeer  "The world marketplace for flowers and plants. Every day Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer sets the world price for flowers and plants. This happens by bringing supply and demand together by means of the auction clock- a fascinating process during which large and small batches of flowers are sold within fractions of seconds. Each day, 19 million flowers and two million plants are sold through 13 clocks at 'Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer'. It takes place within an area of almost one million m2. This means that Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer has the largest trade building in the entire world! As a visitor to Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer, you will walk over a specially designed gallery. You can take a look at the auction without being noticed. Enjoy the gorgeous flowers, experience the hustle and bustle of auction." (2002,2003 letter)
The Historical GardensThe living horticultural museum in Aalsmeer, called 'The Historical Gardens', shows the development of horticulture in Aalsmeer; from the arboriculture of the seventeenth century to the shrubs, ornamental trees, ancient roses and finally to the 20th century varieties of flowers. ( 2006 letter)
Westeinderplassen/ Westeinder lakes Google Satellite View: One third of the municipality is taken up by lakes. Part of these consists of islands dredged up by hand by previous generations of residents. Some of these are used to grow lilacs in an intensive effort that involves planting lilac shrubs in the spring, transplanting them into greenhouses in the fall and again on the islands in the spring. In the first photo above, from Google Earth, the lake is the dark area and the islands are in the upper part of the lake, visible when you enlarge. ( 2006 letter)
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Aalsmere (Alsmeer) Google Map ( Tourist information) , 2002, 2003 and 2006 letter excerpts), a town just south of Amsterdam which is reachable by bus but having a car will be more useful than public transport to get you to at least three places in this town worth a visit.
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