Start in Amsterdam. We stay at Gaasper Camping which is about an honest 10 minute walk to the metro that takes you into the Central Train Station. From there, you take trams to all places you would want to visit in Amsterdam. Another campground we stay in is the Amsterdamse Bos which is convenient for visiting the Flower Auction, but is less convenient for visits to Amsterdam center.
For general orientation visit the Tourist Office just across the street from Central Station. You will find that there are long lines of people waiting to ask the usual questions about attractions and transportation in the country and in the city, book hotels and tours, and get maps. You will be a lot better off using the links provided on this website both for general tourist information, maps and for attractions.
We have spent a lot of time in Amsterdam. We have gotten to know the city well enough to feel comfortable getting around, and we provide some information about getting about on public transit.   But there is much of interest in this city and we still look forward to visiting places in it that will be new to us. Here we have organized the things we have visited and especially like, or things that we hope to visit in future visits into four categories: 1) Areas of the City good for walking and gawking, 2) museums, and 3) places to visit by day trips, 4) food and fun
We found that there are quite a few bank holidays in the Netherlands.  Not only are banks closed but so too are other things like museums and shops.  And public transit goes on a limited schedule.  It is therefore a good idea to know which ones are going to happen when you are visiting.  You can check that out here.
Now you can follow the links below to see what to find useful to know and what many things to enjoy on a visit to Amsterdam and the surrounding area.
Dutch Treat: Visit Amsterdam by Mouse
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Places to walk    Recommended Museums     Other Museums     Food and Fun
Public Transportation in and around Amsterdam       About Dutch holidays       Photos  Slideshow
Day trips:   By public transportation     Near, but by car or train    Car or train, farther away 
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(More photos)
Excerpts from letters:  
First trip letter   About Museums    About Dutch and bicycles  
About Willet-Holthuysen Museum    About water level guages in City Hall
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