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The Anne Frank House  The Anne Frank House in the center of Amsterdam is the hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary during World War II. The original diary is on display as part of the Anne Frank House's permanent exhibit.

The Jewish Historical Museum consists of four synagogues, the oldest dating back to 17th century and houses a rich collection. It shows the history, religion and culture of Jews in the Netherlands.

The Amstelkring Museum  On the edge of the Red Light District, this museum is housed in a restored 17th-century canal house with two smaller houses to the rear. The lower floors of the building became a museum in 1888 and today contain refurbished rooms, as well as a collection of church silver, religious artifacts and paintings. This canal house has a Catholic church hidden in the attic.

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Famous Vermeer in Rijksmuseum
Rembrandt House
Famous Rembrandt in Rijksmuseum
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Rembrandt House Museum  is where the artist lived and worked from 1639 to 1656.  It is now the home of a large collections of his etchings and the very place where most of them were made.  It also has a large collection of paintings of people who inspired him, like Pieter Lastman. The house forced him into bankruptcy. He had agreed to pay a high price for the house and did not keep up payments.