Public Transportation Day Trips from Amsterdam

Holland is small so other cities can be visited on day trips from Amsterdam using local public transportation or taking short train rides. Check with the Tourist Office for information about which trains or busses to take. We have visited the following towns on day trips from Amsterdam:

Haarlem (Google Map) is just 12 miles from Amsterdam, just a little farther than the US Harlem is from Manhattan, which was called New Amsterdam before it became Manhattan.         

Attractions: The Frans Hals Museum is devoted to works and life of the great portrait artist (1580-1666).  The museum's website offers virtual tours.  And, St Bavo’s Church, late Gothic (1370 – 1520), where Frans Hals is entombed, dominates Haarlem’s main square and is worth a visit. Models of Dutch carracks (sailing ships) hang from the ceiling, donated by grateful burghers after successful voyages. The organ which dates from 1738 was played by Mendelssohn, Handel and Mozart. Weekly organ concerts on Tuesday evenings
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Naarden (Google Map is only 14 miles from Amsterdam. It is a beautiful town reacheable by city bus from Amsterdam. Its main attraction is a star-shaped fort with a double moat. The fort has a museum and puts on demonstrations that illustrate how it protected Naarden from attack from the sea. The demonstration includes cannon loading and firing by uniformed militia. 

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Volendam (Google Map) 12 miles from Amsterdam, is a quaint seacoast town reachable by bus from Amsterdam. Has no website. Quote from the Holland Tourist office web site: "Volendam, the old fishing village on the IJsselmeer, boasts traditional costumes, sports, music and, of course, fish. The harbour backs onto numerous tiny cottages. Did you know that during holidays and on the Volendammerdijk large parts of the population still wear their traditional costumes?"

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