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Delft Google Map 39 miles from Amsterdam, is the city in which Prince Will iam of Orange was murdered and is entombed, where the artist Johannes Vermeer worked, and where Delft blue tile and other ceramics were created and manufactured.
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Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuisen (Google Map) is 38 miles from Amsterdam , a fishing village preserved from times before the closing of access to the North Sea. Buildings open for viewing. Dutch boat museum. Demonstrations of fish smoking, net making, fish traps, boat building.
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Utrecht Google Map is 25 miles from Amsterdam,and, with a population of 250,000 is the fourth largest city in Holland. We found it charming, with an old city section complete with canals, one of the handsomest art deco post offices you will ever see, a fine open-air market and an old and historic church, called the Dom, with a huge bell tower. All of this can be seen in our photos (Slideshow) and in a letter excerpt. Tourist board information
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