Overloon war museums Google Map: One of the bloodiest battles in WWII was fought between German and Allied forces in the area around the town of Overloon.  Now, Liberty Park in Overloon contains two modern, informative and exciting museums: the Marshall Museum and the National Museum of War and Resistance. Authentic objects, many from the battle, documents, various exhibitions and modern audio-visual resources help us visualize and understand the Second World War and what it means to us today. (See photos, letter)
Arnhem (Google Map):  In World War II, during Operation Market Garden (September 1944), the British 1st Airborne Division and the Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade were given the task of securing the bridge at Arnhem. This became the "Bridge Too Far" in the movie of the same name. Today, Arnhem is the site of the National Heritage Museum (photos), an open-air museum and park with antique houses, farms, and factories from different parts of the Netherlands.
Kinderdijk (Google Map): The nineteen windmills at Kinderdijk are a symbol of the way the Netherlands manages its water using windmill powered Archimedes Screws. For a long period of time they kept the land dry as it was plagued by subsidence and flooding: the Alblasserwaard, once a rough, wet area of peat, was eventually colonised and reclaimed by men with the help of these windmills.  (Tourist information)
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Keukenhof, in Lisse, Netherlands (Google Map): This is where the tulip growers of Holland show their stuff, and we mean SHOW. Every different variety in every different color. And many other types of flowers. Acres to walk and gawk and take pictures. But it is open only for a short time in the spring, so check their website. (Photos, SlideshowLetter) You can see other photos at this link.
Leiden (Google Map): A beautiful and historic city. Americans and British citizens may be interested to remember that the Pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower to settle in North America took refuge in Leiden when they left England before sailing later from Plymouth Harbor. The house in which John Robinson, minister to the Pilgrim congregation, lived between 1611 and 1625 is still there as is the American Pilgrim Museum, which is devoted to this history. And, the first tulips were imported from Constantinople and grown in this city which started the tulip craze in the 1600's. (See Photos, Slideshow,Letter, Tourist information)
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