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Braemar is 47 miles west of Dunecht, and by the time you get there you are in the Scottish highlands. We stopped on our way from Dunecht to Oban only to walk around the pretty village. Our friends in Dunecht recommended that we stop there to visit Balmoral, the castle purchased by Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's consort and which they and subsequent Royals visited often in summers. The area around Braemar is known as Royal Deeside because of the connection with the Royals and the River Dee that runs through it. But when we got there we decided to skip the castle and go on to Oban. The high hills on the Highlands drive slowed our motorhome considerably and Oban was a long way off. As it was the drive ended in a pouring rain that started when we got to the end of the Highlands.
So all we have to show for our visit here are a few photos of the village, a few more of the scenery through the Highlands, and the letter we wrote home about the drive. That is enough for us to think fondly both of Braemar and the Highlands and to recommend that both are worth a longer visit.
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