Visit Tobermory, Scotland, on the Isle of Mull, by Mouse
Tobermory (tourist web site) is a very pretty, little town in the northeast of the Isle of Mull. A BBC children's television series called Balamory is set in this town. One of the reasons the series producers chose Tobermory is that the houses on its main street are painted in an assortment of bright colors, which you can see in our photos. And Tobermory has figured in other media. It is also the setting in Alistair MacLean's novel, When Eight Bells Toll, and is the name of one of Elizabeth Beresford's Wombles as well as a talking cat in Tobermory one of the most famous short stories by the author Saki.
Like Oban there is a distillery in the town. Glengorm Castle is nearby. The area has been inhabited for at least 3000 years and has standing stones to prove it. Its history includes an explosion and subsequent sinking of a Spanish galleon in Tobermory harbor. This galleon had rounded the top of Scotland on its way home from the defeat of the Spanish Armada when this happened. The Tobermory Museum in the town has some artifacts from the wreck on display. Tobermory harbor was important during WW II as a naval base.
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