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Conwy, Wales, (Tourist Information) is 55 miles southwest of Liverpool. It is a popular tourist destination because it has some nifty, very interesting attractions, among which are: A large, imposing fortified castle built between 1283 and 1289 by King Edward I to keep control of the area after his victory over the Welsh King Llewellyn; Plas Mawr, a restored 16th century Elizabethan house; Aberconwy House, a 14th century merchant's house; One of the first road suspension bridges, completed in 1826, built by Thomas Telford; a medieval watchtower, Bodysgallen Hall, across the river from Conwy; and the smallest house in Britain, about 9 by 5 feet in area, which was lived in from 1500 to 1900. You can take two free photo walking tours, one of the town and one of the town walls on another web site.
We visited the castle which included a tour by a witty and informed guide.  Having a guide was most appreciated because the castle is so large and sprawling.  In addition, it was difficult to discern the functions of most of the areas in the caslte due to its state of ruin. This was due not only to its age but because one of its owners in the distant past had sold all the lead covering its roofs, allowing rainwater to soak, and eventually rot, its wood.  The photos we include here show its current sad state.
We also visited Plas Mawr.  This building was in immaculate condition, in spite of its age.  Our photos of it show some fine features: the painted plaster work that decorates the walls and ceilings; the great dining hall; the kitchen and the huge cooking fireplace
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